NYC Design

Hamilton Park Ice Cream, a creamery, and bakeshop

This organic ice cream shop is located in an upscale residential area at Hamilton Park, Jersey City. The storefront has a wide frontage but has only a 7-foot depth. By placing the 12 different flavored ice cream display boxes in the middle of the space, we made it the focal point of the store.

Due to the long and narrow shape of the space, we tried to minimize the number of materials we selected, which are mosaic tiles, matt finished stainless steel and natural wood panels. And we left the concrete beam, exposed, at the north corner of the ceiling which makes balance with the stainless-steel material we used thru the entire store display system. It added some elegant feeling with the natural teak wooden panels for the base of the display case.

For the color schemes, we made the white color is the base color and the pink and brown colored 10” bands are running throughout the wall for the seating area. All the design elements and materials made this space bright and elegant.